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  1. Michalio

    Want to display the from email using PHPMailder and Gsuite

    Did you check the official documentation? By default the gmail will mark your app as unsecure and block. Last time when I used the gmail and php there was an option to unblock the unsecure app, but now it was deprecated
  2. Michalio

    Working with Date and Time in PHP

    You can simply manipulate the date as a string and then use the strtotime function
  3. Michalio

    javascript select option by data-value

    You can get the element by the document.querySelector, you can simply pass the css selector to that method like '[data-id="1"]' and get element that match this selector
  4. Michalio

    A new site, grid, flex design and what to choose. How to do it?

    In general the flex box is easier to use, you can simply create a gallery view with 1, 2, 4 or more item in row depends on resolution and simply switch the view to list view by changing one class in the items container element. If you want to put items of different type mire precisly then you...
  5. Michalio

    Advanced debugging with PHP

    Most of the time on working with the code is debugging. For simple projects the echo and print_r is enough, but for little bit more complicated projects we need something more. Let's imagine the possibility where you can go to any place in the code and check the values of each variable while...
  6. Michalio

    Free coding lessons

    Hi everyone! I'm a PHP developer with 10 years of expirience with small and big clients. I want to improve my language skills so decided to teach someone how to write valueable code and how to organise the entire project. I can teach you: how to plan your work with scrum, why using any...