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  1. gesf

    add, remove item from combo box to another combo box

    Hey msgtovino! Not sure about what you're trying to accomplish, but that seems a client-side coding matter. Check out this working example: Hope it helps ;)
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    file_get_contents() with POST method

    Hey mlotfi63, You can use PHP cURL functions for that. Example: <?php $url = "http://somehost.ext/datafile.php"; // v1, v2 - whatever the values come from ... $post = "param1=" . $v1 . "&param2=" . $v2; $session = curl_init($url); curl_setopt($session, CURLOPT_URL, $url)...
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    insert array problem

    foreach is your answer! Read this manual page ... Give this code a try so you have an idea on how it works. Example 1:<?php $array = array("one","Two","Three","Four","Whatever"); foreach($array as $v) { print $v . "<br />"; } ?> Example 2:<?php $array = array("value 1","value 2","value...
  4. gesf

    Re: read a external text file

    You can also use PHP's file_get_contents...
  5. gesf

    Networks Networks Query

    Hey jhayghost ... can you be more specific ?
  6. gesf

    Simple Select query not returning as expected

    Hey racemeasure! $LastNum is an array. Try print_r($LastNum); The "1" output means that the mysql_query ran well. Hope it helps!
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    How to add the time and date into MySql?

    I always suggest using unix timestamp for storing date/time information with the help of MySQL's FROM_UNIXTIMESTAMP function. Date/time field should be varchar ... Check out the code i've posted in this topic. Hope it helps!
  8. gesf

    Want to add a list of most viewed items on my online store

    Hello rebaguy and welcome to our forum! If i get it right, you have your answer in this next SQL query sample:SELECT item_id FROM items_table WHERE date >= DATE_SUB(CURDATE(), INTERVAL 7 DAY) GROUP BY item_hits; Hope it helps!
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    database problem? *BEGINNER*

    That's the Table sly, you need to CREATE DATABASE.
  10. gesf

    problem deleting particular row record

    Hey vineet, Question: Are order_id or serial unique values ? By the way... your delete line... shouldn't it be inside the while statement ? Cheers!
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    problem no 2...

    Hey smile, request.php:foreach($chkboxes as $v) { if($v == "on") {
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    very urgent problem no 1...

    Hey smile, Your form's "method" and/or "action" values are in the wrong place ... it should be:<form name="form1" method="post" action="staff.php"> ... a distraction ;)
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    php code not running on apache

    Hello Julia and welcome to our forum. First of all, can you just please check your Apache error_log !? Greetz
  14. gesf

    Email Attachments

    Hey 2nejunkie, I think this is happening because you're not sending the file's mime type. Try this out: // Add this next line where you're "getting" the file data: $attachment_type = $_FILES['attachment']['type']; // Replace $message .= "Content-Type: application/octet-stream;\n\tname=\""...
  15. gesf

    Saving data for 1 column of records in 1 time

    Hey Leedahae, I'm not sure about what you're trying to accomplish. How is your data generated and how is it stored... can you be more expecific !? Anyways... i'll give you a simple example. In this one i assume that data is in array and the pipe is our field data delimiter:<?php $a =...
  16. gesf

    I am so friggin lost... help with echo command

    Hey Archmaille, Put this next code at the very top of your script:<?php error_reporting(E_ALL); ini_set("display_errors", 1); ?>I bet you'll know why it's getting blank :)
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    Hey amaa, Use PHP's IMAP specific functions. Check the example on the imap_createmailbox manual page. Hope it helps!
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    How to make php site in secure?

    Hey sereypong, can you be more specific !?
  19. gesf

    INSERT not working?

    Hey TimUSA, The problems is in your query strings ... Example: <?php // wrong "INSERT INTO ... VALUES ('$_POST['name'][$x]' .. " // right (recommended) "INSERT INTO ... VALUES ('" . $_POST['name'][$x] . "' .. " // not that right, but... works sometimes :P "INSERT INTO ... VALUES...
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    Table not found in databate

    Hello Bryan! First of all, make sure how/where your guestbook script stores the data (database/flat file). - If it works with flat files that meens your is where the data will be stored, so you must give the full server path to the file in your script. - If working with a...