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  1. Alexej Kubarev

    Please review my new upcoming website!!!

    Too bad your account has been suspended. And about spam = yeah sorry we were having some issues a little while ago
  2. Alexej Kubarev

    Wml and mobile devices

    basically that can be done with any programmign language. all you need to know is how to write wap pages and such, The reset is done via php for instance as server side language. same would go for developing this in Java or .NET
  3. Alexej Kubarev

    Hi all in the group

    Hey and welcome =) Not often people are posting to introduce themselves, so its always nice when someone does. I hope you enjoy your stay here and find solutions to any problems you may encounter. Over the past few years running we have probably replied to most of the problems people may...
  4. Alexej Kubarev

    extension_dir in directory or script

    first of all... PHP5 extensions are not compatible with PHP4, Further more, different versions of PHP5 extensions are not compatible with other versions of PHP5. they need to be compiled for the same version. This is due to internal changes in the engine. for the second question it is not...
  5. Alexej Kubarev

    Where can I get libmysql.dll that comes with PHP V. 5.2.1?

    Not really having those problems myself, try fetching new distro? **Always use ZIP files**
  6. Alexej Kubarev

    how to pass the value to store into database

    you will need a page that processes the submited data via $_POST and uses an INSERT SQL statements to isnert the data. read more at on how to do it. it has also been writen on this forum many times, with different examples
  7. Alexej Kubarev

    daily email notification

    either you make a pseudo cronjob with php, or a real cronjob serverside. Cron job will call the script which will send emails and stuff you need to do. For pseudo cronjobs, check how phpBB for isntance implemented it for prunning
  8. Alexej Kubarev

    How to increase ajax speed???

    Optimize it :P never return HTML code, return JSON and generate HTML with JS id needed, Optimize database queries, and so on and so forth. Ajax is in general slower
  9. Alexej Kubarev

    linking to echoed data

    Not so weird, you are using a FORM and submiting same data. Use something like normal links with sending parameters to newsId somethin in the style of <a href="news.php?newsId=<?=$row['newsId']?>"><?=$row['newsHeadline']?></a> now this is just a mockup of course. You will need to change...
  10. Alexej Kubarev

    Simple project management system

    This seems not to be a place to post it, don't you think? Moved.. and renamed
  11. Alexej Kubarev outsource your programming and webdesign projec

    I think i have been pretty clear about where to post job offers... Moved...
  12. Alexej Kubarev

    question about when to validate data

    validation on client side makes it looks "nice", so thats of course to be implemented. However client-side means it can be easily turned off or just passed by. so thats where server side comes in. Basically you should validate always where there is a risk data has been manipulated. Basic rule...
  13. Alexej Kubarev

    Problem getting php to work

    How does your file look like? This may be a common error many people are getting. It may depend on those express installs being a complete mess, some settings being scrwed up or driver for , say MySQL is not working the way it should. It is always recommended to use ZIP packages for installs...
  14. Alexej Kubarev

    Levyo ajax gallery image (forum)

    looks quite nice, fast: because it doesnt really reload anything just changes the inner content of the container. However the idea of this forum is to post your OWN scripts that may be some use, not others
  15. Alexej Kubarev

    expot page in html

    <?php ob_start(); //Do html output here $myHtml = ob_get_flush(); At this point your HTML has been outputed but even included in one variable $myHtml that you can use to return the contents by saving it to the file or such. you will have to make a force-download of he new page thou by sending...
  16. Alexej Kubarev

    PHP editor

    phpEclipse and phpDeveloper2006
  17. Alexej Kubarev

    Help me please, i very need good job.

    To find a job related to PHP via PHP-forum do the following: Look at all the posts in this forum [PHP Jobs] to see if something is for you. If not: Create a CV and a Personal Letter, make them available online. Publish a small summary of your skills and a little about yourself here as a new...
  18. Alexej Kubarev

    PHP with Microsoft Access? Is it possible?

    you can connect to access via ODBC drivers. there is an ODBC extention as wall as pdo_odbc as far as i recall.. from there its pretty much like in asp
  19. Alexej Kubarev

    Installing cURL on php5, Apache, Windows xp

    whould look ok. Are you getting any errors? didi you restart apache?
  20. Alexej Kubarev

    enable sql upload

    humm this is weird as the default installation is supposed to allow uploads. Try looking in your php.ini file for file_uploads directive (it should be turned on) More info: