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    ElasticSearch plugin for DLE

    Use Elasticsearch PHP client to integrate Index content into ES on publishing by extracting fields Hook into DLE publication events to trigger indexing Create a custom search form/template querying ES Display ES results similarly to standard DLE Sync content to ES periodically Handle...
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    New to php

    Use a multi-dimensional array for checkbox values Output in table with nested loops Name like checkbox[x][y] Calculate totals by looping $_POST Show confirmation with grid & totals Use Sessions to pass data Add payment gateway later Build incrementally
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    PHP Version 5.6 Support

    I suggest starting to plan your upgrade path soon. PHP 7.4 would be a good target version that balances new features and stability.
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    Div's are hanging on scaling the browser window.

    Nice work troubleshooting and coming up with your own CSS fixes! Keep honing those front-end skills - being able to diagnose and solve issues like this will make you a stronger developer.
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    SPA running inside PHP

    Enable SSR in your React app using React 18's built-in SSR capabilities. Set up a PHP server to serve the initial HTML with the React content. Ensure the server-side rendered HTML matches the client-side React code to avoid hydration mismatches. Check routing, data fetching, and Vite...
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    Suggestions required for PHP projects

    You're welcome! Developing either a Task Manager or a Blogging Platform can be a rewarding and exciting project. Both options have their unique challenges and opportunities for learning and growth. Best of luck.
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    Auto-completing HTML attributes and classes

    It seems like you're experiencing issues with HTML autocompletion and syntax highlighting within PHP scripts in VS Code. Install and enable the "HTML" extension in VS Code. Verify that the necessary settings for Emmet and HTML are properly configured in your VS Code settings. Make sure your...
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    Suggestions required for PHP projects

    Hello Gulshan Negi! That's great to hear that you're learning PHP and looking to develop small projects. There are various project ideas you can consider to enhance your PHP skills. Here are a few suggestions: Blogging Platform Online Store Task Manager User Authentication System URL Shortener...
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    Can't access php forums after installing WordPress and Deprecated error

    You can update your WordPress and PHP code to use mysqli_connect() or PDO instead of mysql_connect(). This is the best option as it will ensure that your code is up-to-date and secure.
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    Imagick class / method problems

    The errors you encountered while using Imagick in PHP and WordPress suggest a possible outdated or incomplete installation of the Imagick extension on your hosting server. To resolve the issue, follow these steps: Confirm Imagick installation: Check with your hosting company if Imagick is...
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    PHP script which selects and divides document into 4 parts

    I can help you with that. Could you please provide more details about the document you want to divide? Are you referring to a text document or a file? Additionally, could you clarify how you would like to divide the document into four parts?
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    Hosting Problem

    To make your point of sale project accessible from other computers with a domain name like, follow these steps: Set up a local server environment. Configure a virtual host on your local server to map the domain name to your project. Edit the hosts file on your computer to...
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    php 5 to php 7.4

    To fix the issue with curly braces in your PHP function when transitioning from PHP 5 to PHP 7.4, make the following modification: Change the line $String .= $CharList rand(0, $Max); to $String .= $CharList[rand(0, $Max)];. This adjustment ensures that the random character is correctly appended...
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    Is PHP 8.1 faster than 7.4?

    When switching from PHP 7.4 to 8.1, performance improvements are generally expected, but individual results may vary. In your specific test, PHP 8.1 showed slightly slower performance compared to 7.4. Factors such as server configuration, code optimization, and caching can impact results...
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    The button does not send data to the database

    Input Field Names: Add a value to the hidden input field for the ID: value="<?php echo $id; ?>". Form Action: Set the form action to the correct file where the PHP code resides, or remove it to default to the current file: action="<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>". Database Connection: Verify...
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    Is there something like phpmyadmin for postGreSQL that doesn't suck?

    If you're looking for an alternative to phpMyAdmin specifically for PostgreSQL, there are several options available that you can consider. Here are a few popular ones: Adminer: Adminer is a lightweight, web-based database management tool that supports multiple database systems, including...
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    I'm confused about his error

    <?php session_start(); if ($password == "ltankblue") { $_SESSION["SESSION_UNAME"] = $username; header("Location: $page"); exit(); } else { header("Refresh: 5; URL="); exit(); } ?> In this version, the changes made are as follows: The session is started at the beginning...
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    Hosting on your own server

    To make a website hosted on a personal computer accessible over the internet: Set up a static IP address for the computer. Configure port forwarding on the router for ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS) to the computer's local IP address. Allow incoming connections on the computer's firewall for...
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    Multiple versions of PHP in parallèle with Wamp 2.0

    To add PHP 7 to WampServer 2.0 with existing PHP 5 websites: Install PHP 7 on your system. Configure PHP 7 and Apache by updating the httpd.conf file with the appropriate PHP 7 module and handler settings. Restart the Apache server. Test PHP 7 configuration by creating a PHP file and accessing...
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    PHPUnit mocking WordPress function calls

    <?php use App\MyPlugin; use PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase; class MyPluginTest extends TestCase { public function testRegister() { // Create a mock object of MyPlugin $myPluginMock = $this->getMockBuilder(MyPlugin::class) ->onlyMethods(['enqueueAdminScripts', 'createAdminMenu', 'settings'])...