A really basic question about PHP usage



if it is only showing the source or prompting for download then it is because your server doesn't support php, so you need to install php on the server, and there is a lot of information on that on http://www.php.net (that it :p i think it is)

the browser wont do it because it uses server-side tags, which need processing on the server first before it can be displayed to the user
there is little to no difference between .php and .html except that you can only use <?php ?> tags in .php and php tags can only be processed server side, if you want to open .php pages which are plain html then the browser will do it, but putting php tags into will not work you would need to add an apache program to your pc and access the file through that. hope that helped :)
yes,u found the correct person now......when i contacted with php first time, i also meet this kind of problem,but luckily alexei kaburev help me to solve this problem.Okay if u want to start your .php page, first u must have a server(ie:Apahce,iis),php editor(ie:php designer 2005,dzsoft),and mysql.

All of this are the spare parts for making a php.Hope you willsuccess! :D