abt the refresh pressing F5 thing



Hi all,

thanks for the prompt response
Sorry...but i have to refersh the page again to view the updated result.....my question to you was like if i delete a user from listuser.php....then that user detail should not be seen after the "first" delete buton process.........but here i am getting it.....and the browser has to be refreshed for "not seeing that particular detail".....

i want to avoid this and the user detail shud not be shown at first "GO"

Any ideas again....please.....
This is a caching issue. Your browser maintains a cache, so it does not need to download pages that you view frequently. To prevent this from happening (that is, to force the browser to load a new copy of the page), you have to pass particular headers to the browser using the header() function. There's some good information on that page, but you might find this article particularly helpful.

thank u very much for enligtening me.....yeah really i did not notice it....even professional websites needs to be refreshed becoz of the caching issue.........i thought something was wrong with me :D ...
Anyways hats off to u .....