Adding color to text



I guys,

I know this is probably a basic question for you peeps, but I am just starting with php so I have a lot to learn.

I want to print some text to the screen, but I want to change the color (anything but how do I do this.

print "level0.Load.Count=$NewCount";

That really has nothing to do with php. It is standard html.
well ok.. i understand that. I just dont know how to mix the php and the html together for this..

thanks for the reply
think of it this way:

php is a "behind the scenes" thing.

html is "the show"...

so, you can use php to print out your html... in other words:

print "<html><body>hello world</body></html>";

will work for you...

php is just a very useful way to "generate" your html. say you want to read a file from somewhere, and put that in your website. you can't do that with html. but you can with php.

you need to learn some html, there is no substitute.

(btw, the html that you wanted would be something like
<font color=red>text</font>
(where 'red' can be replaced with whatever color you chose [which must be recognized by html], and 'text' can be replaced with any text you want.)
thanks smartass....nice name by the way...I like

thats the iunfo I was looking for..this is all new so I have a lot of learning to do