adding text fields or combo box dynamically



hi everyone,

i have created the page which contains two text box and one combo box by name name1, class1 and date1 respectively. after these fields in next line i have one link "add one more" , on clicking this link it has to create same two text box and one combo box exactly down to above two text box and one combo box with the names name2, class2 and date2 and it must also add the same link "add one more" to continue with the same process, like name3, class3 and date3

these all field are in same form.

and the code is like this
<tr><td colspan="3"> <a href="">add one more</a></td>

can anybody provides me the solution
First of all: please use code tags when posting... your post has been edited..

Second of all its a javascript and we had the simmilar problem before. please search the forum (this one and javascript forum) for a simmilar problem as it has been discussed recently. it was about adding rows to a table.