Advanced Session Variable Question



Not sure is this what you mean:
All sessions are stored in a server, so you can not use session in this server for another server.
I dont know what you are doing
$SESSION['homeurl'] (which is set to $HTTP_HOST)
maybe you want to get session var then send it to another server by using $HTTP_HOST (maybe $HTTP_POST_VARS, or $_POST).. I think this is your problem. And I nor sure it can run well!
But you said you want to
create an include file on one server which will house all of name and data values
if you have full-right-access you can include it, so why do you want to use session??
i kindof dont understand the problem... the session variables are active for the domain... so if you set a varible, and then go to another domain, the variable will not be accesible by that site, but when you come back --- it will be accessible again... what you can do is try putting a session_start(); in the inlcude file on line 1.. so it will be the first thing that excecutes...

I dont really understand what you are trying to either...
if you need to pass data then use a database... or try cookies for 2 different domains..maybe that will help..
Alexei Kubarev is right :-D . Cookies is stored in client machine so you can reuse them in different server.