allow to say answered



i hope to allow the owner of the question to say "answered" and then display the answered icon(like right check) in the main forum page
hunnn.... that would discourage other posters and ideas.
However people always say.... like: "problem solved!" or "Thanks mate that helped!" :D
i think it's better to others(specially you and the other mods.) to not open a solved question
Well adly3000... i like the idea! Anyway, a feature like this (closing the topics if that's the case) would cause a user to open a new topic (duplicated) and perhaps with a stupid question that he/she was not able to conclude in a closed one.
And suggesting/asking a user to notify the other posters will be a waste of time. A great example: we all know the main rules of a BBS, but... cross posts and the no use of code tags... well... they still :)

However, this can be a great PHPBB hack, pluggin... whatever! Believe me!
Is there some adventurer here !? :D
You may always edit your post and add: SOLVED if you want to.
However its not a problem for us to open old questions in case some new pots have been made :)