An idea... would it work?



There is this guy in my office. He wants to build a contact database. Simple enough. but the purpose of the database is to keep track and to allow viewing of every email and corrospondence according to each contact entry.

So i was thinking. Can it be done in php?

I know i can build a contact database easily. But can i have the system check for incoming and outgoing mail. Copy them to the database, organize them according to a contact person. and then allow this guy to view it all.. easily.. and reliabily.

I think its possible.. but how do i go about starting to do this?

I know it involves having to find the outlook and outlook express email files. delimitting them, breaking them up, ect...

perhaps it has already been done?

thanks for any input.
It definately has been done already because many ISP's use a similar system to track their emails (and this is how it's assigned tracking numbers etc). I don't know if something exists for windows and OE, I'd presume it exists for Linux and Sendmail!