Anyone Feeling Generous??

Would you help out?

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Alexej Kubarev

New member
Okej... I will not give any reply to this, but will have to move to PHP Jobs, just to keep this topic clean.. :)
I wouldäve helped if i had at least a bit of spare time... and i dont really have it, not even for my girlfriend... it pisses her off pretty much ;)
Busy with: Worldwide framework for one company, having 3 clients at the same time, trying to sleep sometimes... plus its not totaly my fault :p she is working as well.. :)

Atleast i get to be with her sometimes... hihih :)
its okej mate, you are not too personal.. not yet :)
haha... add me on msn so we shall talk :p
thanx 8)

dont worry about :eek:fftopic: -- im not gonna punish you for that :) not yet :D -- just do not email anything to is: all emails are discarded