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John is a staff of AA Company. He started to join the AA company in 1999 until now 2003. Then he wants to take a leave start from 25/7/2003 to 31/7/2003 for holiday.

- a new staff with a two years worked have basic leave is 18 days.
- Start from 3 years worked a staff has additional leave 1 day. That is means after 2 years worked a staff will have an additional leave 1 day for 1 year.
- E.g. john had worked at AA company 4 years already (2003 – 1999 = 4 years). That’s mean john has 21 days leave (18+3). After john take the leaves and balance is 14 days (21-7=14)

1.) how can I write a PHP code for the year to count the leave?

* before that I can count the balance without the year. Straight count the duration and minus it then get the balance (balance = 18 – duration). But now I don’t know how to do already. I hope u can help and guide me.

thank you.
Here you have a similar example:

The manual is very useful as well: