Auto-completing HTML attributes and classes


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I am using VS code IDE for development and i am having problem is getting auto-completion working for HTML in PHP scripts. I have already set the emmet for PHP and it works fine as far as the main tags are concerned. But it does work when i enter somethings like these:

(1) Enter class= it does not autocomplete to class=""
(2) Enter <div style="color: red"> Test </div>, the color decorators does not work.
(3) This too does not work:

.login-box {
color: red;


Can anyone help? I am going nuts over this.
It seems like you're experiencing issues with HTML autocompletion and syntax highlighting within PHP scripts in VS Code.
  1. Install and enable the "HTML" extension in VS Code.
  2. Verify that the necessary settings for Emmet and HTML are properly configured in your VS Code settings.
  3. Make sure your PHP files have the ".php" extension.
  4. Disable any conflicting extensions or settings.
  5. If the issue persists, consider resetting your VS Code settings to their defaults.
If the problem continues, you may want to seek help from the VS Code community or report the issue to the relevant extension developers for further assistance.