Automatic disclaimer page



Matthijs said:
Hi all!
This is my first post. :D

I could use some input on the following topic:

On my webpage, I will show a disclaimer, that will show up on every page, until you click "I have read and understood the disclaimer".

This is not too hard, as I can use cookies for this. Once a user clicked the required button, a small script will set a cookie.

For browsers that do not allow cookies, I want to make it at least work for the duration of the session. For as far as I know I have at least two options to do this without cookies:

1- Add a variable, like ?disclaimer=understood in the URL
2- use a HTTP_POST_VAR to set disclaimer=understood

Both have the disadvantage of having to change all links on my page either by adding the ?disclaimer= or changing the page into a form.

Is there an easier way of transporting information across pages?


hello Matthijs:

this is just a trial, but you can bring variable by using session like this
in you 1s t page

session_register("disclaimer"); <==dont put $ in disclaimer

//body here

all pages should have sesions_start(); like


$disclaimer will be pass in all pages even if you will now use "?disclaimer="