[b]php and frames[/b]



I have a problem with opening some pages in different frames.

I have a page with 5 frames and when i click a button in one of them i need to open 2 different filess in 2 frames.I dont know how.how can i do this? :evil:
That's got nothing to do with PHP, you'll need to use a bit of javascript there.

I'm not sure of the complete code off the top of my head, but it would be something like this

function yourFunction() {
windowname.location1 = newlocation.php
windowname.location2 = newlocation2.php

<a href=# onclick=yourFunction()>The link</a>
is indeed an html problem.
can be solved with javascript as Jay says, but remember that it won't work when the client has his javascript disabled. In that case there will simply happen nothing.

Greetz Daan