Becoming a serious issue...



All right, I have gone through every step of installation for PHP 5.2.2 as well as MySQL 5.0 Server verbatim. However... when I view my test.php page with ()phpinfo in it. the mysqli section is not there... My Configuration File Path is: C:\WINDOWS, but when I place the:


files in it, upon viewing my page, it comes up blank and crashes my server on reboot.

I am using the following:

PHP 5.2.2
MySQL Server 5.0
Apache 2.0.59

I am in some serious need of some help with this.

I run Windows XP Home Edition
You need to restart apache to get the Updates in phpInfo. Also make sure that you remove the comments from php.ini from the actually loaded .ini file.

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Enable error logging in your PHP configuration (php.ini) by setting the error_reporting and display_errors, Ensure that the versions of PHP, MySQL Server, and Apache you're using are compatible with each other, n your php.ini file, check the extension_dir directive to make sure it points to the correct, Make sure you have the correct versions of the DLL files for your PHP installation, Check your Apache configuration (httpd.conf) and ensure that the necessary PHP module is loaded. Look for a line similar to LoadModule php5_module modules/php5apache2.dll, Restart Services, Keep in mind that PHP 5.2.2 is quite outdated and no longer actively supported. It's recommended to use a more recent version of PHP for better security you're still encountering problems after following these steps, it might be helpful to consult the official documentation