bloody tables!!

Perhaps make your bottom table have cellspacing, cellpadding, and border of 0 as well.

Or you could take your time and learn CSS and lay the page out in that instead of the table approach. It is a lot better.
<table width="622" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" bgcolor="#000066">
    <td colspan="3"><img src="images/BTB_r1_c1.gif" width="60" height="50"><img src="images/BTB_r1_c2.gif" width="477" height="50"><img src="images/BTB_r1_c3.gif" width="60" height="50"></td>
    <td width="8%" height="648" background="images/BTB_r2_c1.gif" bgcolor="#000066">
    <td width="79%">
<font color="white">Tuebok
<p>The Lead Vocalist and Rhythm guitarist<br>
  if this guy cant be arsed its never going to happen<br>
  Loves his metal (and also Busted, *laughs band*)<br>
  Vocal patterns are his thing and thats how he likes it</p>
<p>The Lead guitarist<br>
  Motivates the band (including tuebok when he cant be arsed)<br>
  Likes fast power metal (any band that has an singer only dogs can hear, *others laugh*)<br>
  Riff's are the key, couple of nice solos too</p>
<p>The bass player<br>
  When will he buy a BIG amp<br>
  more into his post-hardcore and punk (sometimes emo, wuss)<br>
  Thrills and Fills get him going</p>
<p>The Drummer<br>
  Does he ever get tired? does he ever speak?<br>
  You name it he'll love it (loves his beats)<br>
  He'll drum his way into a head and shoulders advert<br>
    <td width="13%" bgcolor="#000066" background="images/BTB_r2_c3.gif">
    <td colspan="3"><img src="images/BTB_r3_c1.gif" width="60" height="55"><img src="images/BTB_r3_c2.gif" width="478" height="55"><img src="images/BTB_r3_c3.gif" width="60" height="55"></td>
it worked fine when I changed the cellspacing and cellpadding to 0