can anyone help me where is the mistake?

And you have entered data into the form and clicked the button?
ok, take the </form> from here:
    <form action="insert_product.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">

and put it here (at the end of the table), like so:
    <td ><input type="submit" name="insert_post" value="Insert now"/></td>

Un f***** believable. I was able to submit form and modify data. Thank you!!!
I'm not sure that I've done you any favours, but I have been resisting telling you to learn from a proper, correct, recent and up to date tutorial.

If you are happy though :)
hyper said:
:help: Find another tutorial, forget anything it did, if you paid for this, ask for your money back - I've heard it all now

:oops: maybe I didn't entirely :oops: