Cannot use regular Internet with Apache installed



I'm having major problems. I cannot use the internet now that I've installed Apache. (I'm using a friends' computer now). Even when I disabled Apache in the taskbar, it still wouldn't work. Whenever I got to ANY internet site, it takes a long time, and then tries to add all these things to it: for example, if I type in, it tries to go to:

Then, every web page results in a "This page cannot be displayed" page, along with an error message saying that the website cannot be opened. I also cannot receive or send emails in Outlook Express; it , too, results in an error message.

I imagine that somehow Apache has conflicted with my internet/network settings, but I don't know how or which ones to find. I don't really understand this kind of stuff, so step-by-step instructions would be great. Of course, http://localhost still works.

Any suggestions? Much appreciated, thank you.
Its actually quite weird... because i have never hear that apache messes up with internet connections.. and adding www. and .net to address is more then waird... Apache doesnt add ANYTHING to any Internet connection... try removing it and see what happends...

But i belive that your computer had some other problems... might be some virus or trojan... but Apache? no way... the only things that apache really does is copies its files to a folder, installs a service, and adds shortcuts..

Nothing more...
It is definately not apache.... !!
seems that you've screwed up the hosts file.
Just check your hosts file
winXP - c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
linux - /etc/hosts

just check that the common domains are not pointed to 127.*.*.*
just check this
netstat -a
this will help you see all the incoming/listning and outgoing ports