Chart in flash and xml thru php

Alexej Kubarev

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pretty hard to understand what you mean, but most likely you need to have a file that will generate an XML document and output it depending on what user is using the script... it will be simly a matter of logic and such..
Example link provided by you is not working. Will you please provide the right one?

Is I am the only person who is not able to open or no one is able to open?

Oleg, I don’t think there is any need of session in this.

pmaonline, Basically up to where i understand your problem, you are having a flash file, which is displaying the graph by picking up the data from XML file?

So may be, you want to generate a XML file through a PHP form. In that case you must have an knowledge of PHP file function.

Vikas Garg
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Yes i think sessions can be the solution.
I think the Flash here is just for the presentation part !?

1. You can store all the users' input in the same xml file, separating them using their sessions' ids.
2. Creating a temp xml file which name would be the users' session id. E.g.: 0accf10db6340c506caf0860510b8d01.xml.
3. Using another storage way (E.g.: MySQL), could be a great way to handle this. Using session as well.

pmaonline, tell us where/in what will be Flash and PHP involved in this scene.
PM me if needed as i'm portuguese too :p