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Please check out my page here.

This is going to be a page for a casino party business.

When I enter party information I need to input how many dealers are needed which is in the row "bj".

When a dealer looks at the parties available I want them to check the box to say that they will take that job.

When that box is checked I want "bj" to decrement by one.

For example, The number "8" is the row "bj", when that form is checked and submitted I want the row "bj" to go down to 7.

Is this possible?

I hope so.

Thank you.
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I suggest you make a table to store the information for each party.
So then, you can also have a column which has the number of dealers needed, and just subtract one from that if someone checks it.

You do know how to work with MySQL, right?
I am trying to learn as much as I can of php/mysql.

I am doing ok with dreamweaver and slowly picking it up.

I am looking for a php online tutor.

Basically I add you to my msn or google talk and you answer questions for me, for which in return I will pay you a determined amount via paypal.

So if anyone interested let me know.