Code help please!



If i understand this correctly and you have a table with book names displayed on it and 7 selection boxes to the right of each book so that a user by clicking on a box and submit their equest would have a profile that will show the books he/she picked. There are as usual many ways to do this, you could make a 2 column array to hold the data, make the selection boxes assign values to the second column storing the book names in the first. Now you have an easy to work with array that will have a book name in the 1 column and corresponding rating or null in the other. Now all you have to do is check for the same values in the second column if someone descided to rate more than one book the same and databasing is easy. You have the userid stored in a session var, all you have to do is put the rest of the data together. The way you can record it in your database is, have 8 columns 1 holding user name and the rest the books rated in their order for example name book1, book2, book3... etc
again there are differet ways to do this, i think that they will all boil down to having some sort of array, so you better read up on arrays and their functions. I can be wrong, but thats the way it seems to me at the time. I cant write your code for you, but if you want to do it the way i described earlier and dont understand something and need help, post, I will try to answer as soon as i can... take it easy :-D