Coding Problems , Need Help ASAP Please




First off I am sorry if this is the wrong section for this, I am quite new here. I run a performance parts and accessories website called Tru Power Motorsports. I installed OS Commerce to setup my online store, right now I am just trying to get it designed, I know nothing about PHP but I do some HTML so I am applying to that. Whats going on is on my main store page if you scroll down you notice the page is repeating itself. I have been beating myself in the head trying to figure this out. I would greatly appericate it if someone could help me either by telling how to fix this problem or I can give them FTP rights so they can inspect further and fix the problem. Please help me. I need to get this up and running ASAP!

its not fine, if you look the page repeats it self. Scroll down and you will see. I seriously need help here. Anyone ?
it wont let you click on anything, when you do you look at the page and it repeats itself. I am not sure whats wrong, but if someone is willing to help, I can give them FTP info and they can check into it. I would greatly appericate it. Please!
Oh, now i see!
Check your product_info.php inside the store folder.
You're probably calling some file twice.
would you be willing to help me if I gave you access to the FTP?