Perhaps a friendly programming contest could be a good idea. have people scripts to accomplish certain goals. Could be interesting, depending on how many people actually participate :)

What would you suggest as a prize for the winner?

BTW, Zend already have such competitions, and the level is very very high!


The satisfaction that you are a good and knowledgable PHP programmer :) I dunno

I wasnt thinking on a scale like that, but like you see how different people think of different way to do things. They can learn algorithm analysis, get practice using PHP in every day applications, and get interaction and comments from other "expert" PHP programmers... stuff like that.

I guess it would require some free time from different people, something im assuming not very many people have here :) Would build a nice code library though.

I dunnom just a idea :)

very good idea, i think we should really do this, then people can get a better knowledge of PHP, and others will also learn from them.
We are trying to organize a prize for the winner . The prize will not be in money , but in php products (software , scripts other).

Bye ;)
any news on this?

Is this gonna happen sometime?

I'd sure like to compete :twisted: