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Hi, I'm using javascript to add rows to a table. But after adding more rows how can i detect how many rows now & send by submit the form ??? Plz help ....
Hi Mr. Patna,

I think no one is able to understand your question. Please be specific about your question and put it again.
patna_in: please do not double post.. i know you have a difficult question to define to only one forum.. bu i suggest you choose ONE and if its the wrong one: we will simply move it :)
I will lock this topic and suggest you go to another post in

But gime more information.. Vikas: you are not really correct there.. i think i know exactly the task and what patna_in needs... but i need more info to be 100% sure

And one more thing, just for fun: NEVER be sure that a user is of the sex you think he/she is before you saw an image or asked/noticed/been told :D
That's it. Alexei got the answer. MySQL's COUNT() function.
If you want to know instantly how many fields were affected by an inserted/updated/deleted statement, use MySQL's ROW_COUNT().
Öhh... i think we were talking about HTML rows: and thefore this has been confused with Javascript problem.. but what i love about PHP: you have count in both php and mysql ;)
I think u don't understand my problem. I know the count function & uses too. But I want to know the (HTML/JS as any 1 can say) row added to the table b4 submit the data. I think u understand the question if not then tell me, I'll give u a better description.
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