Create Image from flash bitmap object



Hi Friends,

I want to know that how to export image from FLASH 8 to PHP 4.

The idea is
user can crop or select image in a flash file and on a button click that portion of image will be saved on hard disk and some other data will be processed and stored into mysql DB.

So can anyone give me tutorial or example or functions.

This will pretty much work the same way i do it with javascript-+php cross-browser solution.. however in flash it will be pretty cool as well..
What you will have to do is export coordinates and size for the new image, then send it to php. with GD you can crop it and resample if needed on-the-fly..
This is a bit harder than that but this main idea will get you started. Just think a little ;)

I know that it will work that way as i have done it on 2 of my projects a 1,5-2 years ago: it was a pretty fancy idea then :)
I have some more "fancy" ideas up in my sleeve, but i will not share it until somewhere in december: when a project has been completed :D

Alexei idea makes 100% sence and seems the right way. I can't comment the Flash part... don't know that side.
Sorry viralupadhyaya.... i have no idea! Me + Flash = sparks :D
ThanX friends 4 replying. I have made it.

I would like to share with you. I get a string of pixels of BitmapData and then I pass that string , height , width to PHP file by post method. In PHP file I create image by setting pixels by imagesetpixel method.

Ultimately I made it.

Ok , if I need further assistance I will post here. :)