Creating Icons in Address Bar



Hi, I'm creating a web site and I want to view a small bitmap/ICON in addressbar as many websites can provide. Plz tell me how can I do that ..... :help:
make a file named favicon.ico and place it in the directory.

you can see google's
Just placing it in the directory, that's it , nothing else :eek:
You also need a link tag in the head of your html document... like this:
<link rel="icon" href="images/yousite.ico" type="image/x-icon" />
Thanks gesf & redcircle for ur response. Its working in Firefox but not in IE. Can It be done in IE ???
Oh... Redcircle was right!
For IE should work by just placing the icon in the root folder, but this wont work for other browsers.
Try using the code above and also name your icon as: "favicon.ico".