cross-browser css



i'm fairly new to CSS, and have been using them over at
Unfortunatly, in NS7 and Mozzila themenu and submenu text appears bellow its intended position, thus messing up the whole navigation.

Everything works fine in IE, and i havent been able to find any symmilar issues through google. Any ideas ?
well, forget about this thread, i've fixed it :)

changed the way the menu and header got positioned to realtive and set the margin of the li tag to 0 and it worked with a little help from Tanket's hack
My advice is to always develop for standards-based browsers (namely Opera and Mozilla/Firefox) first, and then go in later and fill in the cracks to make IE view it correctly. I've found that this is a whole lot easier than trying to do it the other way around. Just my two cents.
i agree, but in this issue my target audience runs IE 5.x and 6.x.
so i designed for IE first, fixing the glitches later so i could present the website to my audience faster.
I really should have kept an eye for mozzilla though :|

Next i'm gonna try to make the website suitable for print media, that will probably be another though nut to crack.

fortunatly, a list apart has an article on that :)
You might want to check out this post when you look into making your site printable:

Good luck
i do have something like that in mind, thanx for the heads up skeletor :)