Database Abstraction Layer



Hi Friends,

I want a suggestion again. :)

I have been php programmer for 8 months. I am using PHPLib as Databse Abstraction Layer as my seniors do.

Now I come to know that it is good but outdated.
Now I am confuse again, I want to jump on new Database Abstraction Layer. So please suggest me any very good one.

I hear something like PEAR:DB... I dont know exactly. Please give suggestion. :)
Okey. you wanted to know my opinon:

DAL is the greatest thing you can make to ease your life.
I hate using PEAR:DB as it doesnt use modules: therefore its VERY SLOW

I prefere having a self-made class that will load extentions if needed and if they are not loaded for a specific database engine.
The class has same functions for every DB class and has ONLY those that i need, but its easy to implement the new ones..
The only downside is that you should spend a bit making that class :)

I saw several different classes that have pretty much the same functionality: but never liked them.
I think is more effecient to use native php extentions for doing such things.
There is, ofcourse a much better thing that is comming out in php 5.1: PDO -- We will be able to forget all those problems with DAL..