Date before 1970



Apologies if this has been asked before: my search turned up nothing.

I have a database (it's Access, but I can move to mySQL, but I don't think it'll make a difference) with a date column, 'date'. In this column, there are standard date values, 29/06/1972, 12/01/2003, etc. However, there are also dates before 1/1/70.

I have 2 problems. One: any dates before 1/1/70 are coming out as -1. I know that php starts date at 1/1/70, but is there NO way around this limitation?

My second problem is the format of dates> 1/1/70. It looks like the number of seconds elapsed since 1/1/70 (not confirmed).

Any help?
1/1/70 It's Unix date. You can't change this. Sorry.
You may solve your problem. Set not date type field, simple string and in PHP manage this.