Disable Print screen




Can anyone tell me the way or script that i can disable a print screen button on a keyboard.


Vikas Garg
No, there is no way to do this, and trying to limit users' ability to use their own computers is always a bad idea.
I don't know if this is possible to the keypress event for that button may be set... overridden...
But I have no Idea if that button has any ascii value, I doubt..
Even i was also thinking so that it is bad idea to stop the visitor from using his own machine. However still i want to know that how can i restrict the user from printing my page.


Vikas Garg
Ehh... i wrote a site protections script and added this function in case someone wants to use diasable print screen :

if(document.all) window.onbeforeprint=new Function("window.location='';");

That works perfect on all browsers...
Alexei Kubarev said:
well..jahh... i ment all of those that spport JS... ;)

Most (all?) browsers that support JavaScript still allow you to turn it off, which I find myself doing frequently (especially when misguided webmasters try to prevent me from using the functions of my own computer).
well... i never said that it was a good idea to disable printscreen... but still if someone wants.. i made it possible in my script... damn,... im a bit drunk now... celebrating my birthday :D
Thanks Alexei .

I think it would work for me. enjoy your birthday.

Many Many happy returns of the days.

Vikas Garg