display word document with image



Hi guys,

Can i actually display a word document by using php ? As far as i know, i can display the contents of text file by using php. But will it works on word document ??

If yes, is that mean it will able to display the hyperlinks and images that are inserted in the word document as well ? In other words, will it display exactly like what i have done on the word document ?

p.s: by the way, what is MIME extension shown in the php info for ?

Please advise.
8O a big work will go to show the word file.... I will basically require parsing the word file *.doc as a plain .txt and then something more.... ??? may be may not... check if Microsoft are giving any fancy ActiveX components to do that...

and the MiME type is basically to give info to the server/browser how to handle the file .php which is simple text with html and hence text/html

like css has text/css