Does innodb slow down connections??

What kind of tables do you use?

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I'm trying out innodb table on my latest project and it takes at least 2 seconds to make a connection to my db. Now, this is not totally unreasonable but a huge annoyance. Both mysql and the webserver are on the same machien so there's no network latency at play here..... :shock:

Do innodb tables cause slow connections? Are there any changes i can make to my mySQL config?

I use this exact same function on my other projects (that have DBs w/ only MyISAM tables) and they connect lightning fast:

function conn(){

	global $uname,$pass,$host,$dbname,$conn;
	//returns false if failed or connection link (can be treated as true)
	return (($conn && $sel) ? $conn : false);
InnoDB will be slower due to it making all the transactions... it is more secure, and therefore slower..

try mysql_connect instead of mysql_pconnect.. not really sure if it will help..