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I have a dropdown menu with different options (tekst) in them, I want the script to select all the selected options and save them into ONE field in the database, the options are autogenerated from a database and shown on the post form.

so how do I get this dropdown boxs info inserted in the database?

Do you want to have options on other page on to your personal dB or something like it?
please explain
I want the script to save 1 or more selected options from the dropdownbox into ONE field in the database, right now it just saves the last selected one, and skips the rest, that I can't use for anything
I believe someone asked a similar question just the other day on this forum.

What you might want to try is making your selection an array and allow for multiple selections. Such as:
<select name="sel[]" multiple>

When you a processing the results from the form, you can use the implode() function to convert the array into a string and seperate the values by a delimiter. Such as:
$StringToPutIntoDatabase = implode(',',$_REQUEST['sel']);

The above will put the values of sel into a string seperated by comma's. You could then put this value into a text field inside the database. Use a function like explode() when retriving the data from the db to put it back into an array.

Good luck