Duplicating a database



Alright, ive got one database that has over 100 tables, some of the tables have 1,000's of entry's...

What i need to do is duplicate the database (moving all tables/contents to another database)...is their any easy way to do this?...or anyway at all?...ive tryed backing up the database and then executing the sql but random errors come up, sometimes it's about '; other times it's packet size...so executing sql using a control panel is a bit painful to do with this...

I was thinking of copying the database inside an SSH but couldnt find my databases to give it a try...
shell> mysqldump -u username -p -B database_name > ./database_name.sql
This will prompt for the password and save the file in your current working directory
eg.. if you are in "c:/" or "/home/profile1" it will save in there itself