Dynamic sites - title change



Hi, how can I change the <title>???</title> on a dynamic page. My site is build using php and mysql DB.

Many servers don't have NetPBM installed on them. Or if they do, they
have an old version. Gallery has been tested with version 9.9 and up.
Some older versions are missing a few critical components (like JPEG
or PNG support).

To solve this problem, we're making statically compiled binaries of
NetPBM available on the Gallery website. I'd suggest that you first
go through the Gallery config wizard and see if it complains about
NetPBM. If it complains, you can hunt around on your machine to see
if NetPBM is installed (it's quite often found in /usr/bin,
/usr/local/bin or /usr/local/netpbm) and provide that path to the
Gallery config wizard.

If all that fails, you can download binary versions of NetPBM from the
Gallery download page. The binaries are compiled statically so they
have no dependencies. We don't yet have binaries for all systems, but
we're working on it (in fact, if you have a system that isn't
supported and would like to be of assistance, please contact us and
we'll give you instructions on how to make what Gallery needs).

The FreeBSD binaries *should* work on most/all flavors of FreeBSD for
intel, and the Linux-RedHat binaries *should* work on most/all flavors
of Linux for intel. However, they haven't been tested extensively. If
you find that they don't work please let us know and we'll compile a
version for the specific software/hardware flavor that you're
running. Download and install these binaries somewhere on your system
(it's perfectly find to upload them via FTP to a virtual server) and
then tell Gallery where to find them in the config wizard.

Don't forget to make these files executable!
At youre question you may find answer in general part of this forum
I think this will work:
where $title is a php variable eg. $title="Title of your page";
like a random title? you could use something like:

$title[1] = "Title one";
$title[2] = "Title two";
$title[3] = "Title three";
$random = mt_rand(1,3);

echo "<title>$title[$random]</title>";