elseif Misbehaving



I dunno what the problem is here so I am hoping for some inspiration from someone else...

I have a couple of queries that call and acho the following variables that I use OK. The first "IF" statement works fine but the following "ELSEIFs" just don't...

if ($AreasOfInterest01 == $VacancyCategory)
{Send an e-mail}

elseif ($AreasOfInterest02 == $VacancyCategory)
{Send an e-mail}

I've manually inserted the string into the correct field for $VacancyCategory but no joy.

What am I missing guys...?
Are you getting any errors? Can you post your exact code? My first inclination would be that you've used a = instead of a == somewhere.
Thanks for the response.

I've checked and all my IFs and ELSEIFs use == not =

I can post the code if you'd like but it's quite lengthy.