Emachines brand good?



Hello all. I just decided to buy a laptop. I went with the emachines M6805, which has the AMD 64bit processor. I was wondering if anyone out there has heard/experienced good or bad things with emachines brand?

My problem is I can't get the wireless card to work, and I also have a bad pixal in the screen. They are supposed to be sending me a shipment box to send it in and have it fixed. I'm just paranoid this is a sign that I should have went with a better name brand and just paid the extra $$$.

Just thought I'd see if anyone else has this brand, or has heard any good/horror stories. later...
My brother uses an eMachines PC... I've not seen any problems with it. I had to hook it up to my network for him because he's useless...

The network card (on-board port) decided to switch off once - it took it a day or so to come back on... I never did figure out why it did that!

Hope that helped...

I've read in some online reviews of people complaining of having a bad pixel on the screen..... but then they were satisfied since they claimed eMachines had good support and warranties and what-not.... but I cant speak from personal experience... myself I went with a compaq 2170 couple of months ago and havent looked back.... :wink: