external program



The trouble here is that PHP cannot launch a program on the client machine. You could make it run a program on the server, but that doesn't do you much good. The closest you could come is just using a telnet url (telnet://ip.ip.ip.ip:4444).
ombilis said:
shocks... how about any other external program in the likes of notepad? iexplore? etc?

The closest you can come is sending the user a file which, depending on how their system is configured, will be opened in a particular program.

For example, SecureCRT has special session files that describe all the parameters for a particular connection, so if you knew that the user had SecureCRT installed you could send them a SecureCRT session file that would open in SecureCRT and make the connection.

However, I don't think that sort of file exists for PuTTY.