Few problems after installing



Hallo.. I finally pulled my fist out of my behind, and decided to learn how to install phpmyadmin.

I got a few problemes however.. I ran the setup as instructed in the documentation, typed in the port number that MySQL is running on, and its localhost. But i get some kind of #2002 error.

From what i was able to figure out on my own, this "should" have something to do with sockets. But Im connecting using tcp and localhost, plus the port that i have mysql to listen on. It should be said that MySQL is running, and i can connect fine using PHP, or cmd.exe...

I fiddled for hours with this without figuring it out, so i eventually tried modifying php.ini, and entered in the default port number for MySQL, along with the local ip for the server as the host. THIS solved the problem.

But what i don't understand, is why this solved the problem. When i logon to PHPMyAdmin, i get a few errors.

The configuration file now needs a secret passphrase (blowfish_secret).

Directory config, which is used by the setup script, still exists in your phpMyAdmin directory. You should remove it once phpMyAdmin has been configured.

The last error is easy to solve, i just deleted the config directory. But the first error really annoys me. Again. From what i was able to find out, this blowfish variable is kept inside the file config.inc.php. The only problem with that is, that it is located in the config directory, which i deleted.

I do have a backup, but I'm unsure where to place the file. If i place it in the root of PHPMyAdmin, as some users have suggested, then i can't logon to MySQL from PHPMyAdmin. Basically i get #1130 Cannot log in to the MySQL server
Never mind this post, i just found a solution elsewhere.

I just had to enter in the default username and password in my php.ini