Form Trouble - Please Help!




i have a database with 3 skill tables in! skill level 1, skill level 2 and skill level 3

there is a drop down list saying Select Skill and if i select Menu & System Maintenance

and submit the "Add from Skill Level 1" button it shall show me a list of all the skills at level 3 which link to the skill at level 1!

this works!

but i want to get the second button working!

Skill Level 2 >>> wont work because it asks me for the skill level 1 variable when i submit it to the next page!

so i have 2 forms, one for the Add from Skill Level 1 button and another for Skill Level 2 >>> button!

The <form> for "Add from Skill Level 1" goes before the drop down list where it displays the skill level 1 so this collects all the data it needs for the second page!

BUT the <form> for Skill Level 2 >>> button wont work because i dont know where to put that form to work, it didnt seem to work when i tried putting it inside the first form, and if i dont do that it wont pick up the skill level 1 variable to pass on to the next page!

Hope you can help, well understand this question really!

cheers very much
Don't understand the question. Explain it again as if you were telling someone who doesn't have a clue, you have to get us to understand the problem before we can help.

I have a 3 tables in a database called skill1, skill2 and skill3


On the first page i have a drop down list with all the contents in table skill1

I have a normal form on the page saying that will go to the second page and add all the skill that are in skill3 WHICH ARE LINKED to skill1

That works

but below that button

there is a button that wants to go see the skills in skill2 that are linked with skill1 instead of skipping skill2 like the first form.

Ive tried to add a form inside the first form (ABOVE) the drop down list (so it gets the value skill1) and passes over to the 2nd page.

but that doesnt work,

Can i have a form inside a form? or will i have to do a second drop down list for the second button?

This any better?