Forms and Scripts issue that is challenging



I'm doing a form that I created in an older version of PHP and for some reason on it's not working. It worked on an older version on a local apache server, but now when I do it hosted on 1and1 it's not. What could be the problem? Here is a link to all the files I have been messing with. I altered a bit of it so a couple of the last few text fields are not in the php file. Someone PLEASE help me. I've created text files for the form and the php page, as well as an image of the table details.

A link to the form that users fill out the data. <a href="">click here</a>
A link to a text version of the php database connection file. <a href="">click here</a>
Here is a picture of the table and it's properties that I need help with. <img src="">