framed web site and echo code


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hunn... nop, not that way!

You can send that data to another page (in another frame) using one of the following methods/langs:
  • HTML forms
Please tell us what are you trying to do, so we can easily help you.
I think the best idea is to put the remove code part in the same page/script that shows the gallerie data (the page loaded in the right frame).
You can use target in the link, so you can easily link to the remove part, like you're doing at the moment. The target name will be the right frames' name.
<a href="show_gallerie.php?ID_gallerie_name=toscane" target="right_frame_name">remove</a>
If the remove code part is already in the script loaded in the right frame, so... you just need to add the target in your link and make your code to show the gallerie data after the remove. Sometimes we also need to change our code to fit our needs!

Hope it helps!