Freelance site for PHP/MySql coder needed!!!



I would like to know some freelance site for PHP/MySql coder, for small project which single person can do it and earn some cash in their free time. One I know and very famous is, but it has big projects and there are lots of conditions imposed on coders and same time their charge is very high, I mean they are not flexible and same time costly.
can you post some details....
and by the way this is not the right group to post this messgae.. !!
Do you need a coder to do some work for you?


Are you a coder that is looking for some small projects to work on?
I am a coder and looking for some small projects to do in my free time to earn some extra cash. I have good knowledge of PHP and MySql. I have done vaious projects(database websites). So you can help me in this regard, I would be thankful to you!!!
Yea. I'm in the same boat as you are. I have found that a lot of the projects that would be worth doing are to large for a single person to do on his or her own. When I would bid on the projects, I would end up bidding to high just to make it worth my time and effort. The jobs would end up being won by people that have 2+ members on their team and would split up the work appropriatly.

If you feel like trying to work together with another coder on a project to see how it goes, feel free to IM or PM me. I think the private message is working on this forum, plus I have a few instant messangers listed in my profile that I use. Feel free to contact me if it is something you want to discuss.

Hope your search goes well...
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