Full Justify?



I had text in the table cell but is there a code for the align it to Full Justify?

Do you really like it that much? I have been using Frontpage for so long that I am really getting tired of it. And my company has Dreamweaver, so I was thinking about using that instead.
I have used Frontpage more than year. - bad code - always!
Afterthat was Macromedia DreamweaverMX - - It supper - more good than Frontpage.

BUT. Notepade - is real rullez
div isn't supported by a couple of browsers ;) :roll:

god I hate css hehe :D
Hi *JaH*!
For example about browsers IE, NS, Opera.
By the way meby Lynx not supported, but it's text browser
About you gorshing
If you think what Microsoft may do very good programm, than you wrong, i know only one programm VC++ not more.... :(
About Macromedia, ithink what the best product for designers/developers.
Some peaple say what using notepad or something like this... Sorry, but do ton belive they :!: