GD problems



Hi all

I am trying to enable GD support in PHP. I am using version 4.3.2 for linux which has GD bundled in. I have used the ./configure --with-gd and a few other things such as jpeg, apache and mysql. All seems to compile without any problems.

However, when I look at the 'configure command' line, returned from phpinfo(), it only shows that I have compiled apache and mysql.

How can I tell if gd has been compiled into php?

Thanks in advance

If you have a GD on your comp to you need say
./configure --with-gd -<DIR>
there <DIR> path to GD's library.....
quick note:

rather than looking in phpinfo() for details of the GD compile, you can simply use GDs own info return


available since about PHP4.3.0 (check manual)
I re-compilled as: 'with-gd=/usr/lib/' and all seemed okay. I then used 'make' and 'make install', renamed and copied php.ini-dist to /usr/lib/ and restarted Apache...

Php_info() still shows an old build date and no compiling with gd :(


as i know GD builtin in PHP, try find in manual how you may use other lib's
You should always clean your last configuration before making a new compile:

rm -rf config.cache
make clean

Use php-4.3.x where GD are already bunded in. Just use
--with-gd option to activate them on configure command.