I have a database containing some text information as well as image data. I store the byte data and the file type and this allows me to display it as an image in the browser using a page that pulls the data from the database and prints them. However it does not act as an image to other php scripts. I need to perform a getimagesize action on the image but I get file read errors if I attempt to apply it to my image generator script.

What should I do instead?

Check file permissions on the images... that could stop you from using getimagesize...

See for details on setting file permissions using PHP.

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they are not images. They are image data stored in a BLOB field of a database.
Please read info regarding this function:

It only works with files.

Bezmond is correct. If you want to know how large it is, then why not just count the bytes in the BLOB?
getimagesize dosen't return file size
it returns dimensions
don't knwo if that would help
but try to grab the contents of the blob..
and store it to a file with fopen !! {duh: back to file}
and then use filesize
and then unlink