Getting Values from Query String



Hi !
I am Havin Problem with query string
I have a Page that Show the Personal Information :
That have Name Field
And I am Using Get Method to pass Values from one page to other to echo them to text field so that User can change it

Now if i have value in name = "John Nicolas"
when i get the value in edit page I get this
rest of name is lost
how do i get the complete name on edit page

view page----+
name=John Nicolas |
________________ using Get

edit page--------+
name=John |
________________ |

Things That i have tried
urlencode worked
urldecode how do i get specific value from query string
foreach($_GET AS $var=>$val)
eval("\$_GET['" .$var. "'] = urldecode(" .$val. ");");

should theoretically work.

$_GET['var'] = urldecode($_GET['var']);

would be the uneval'ed methodology