Global variables



You could include a php file at the beginning of each script that defines the variables...
I am not really sure what you mean though.
Variable and/or constants are available til the script ends.
What do you mean by: "...which is availabe in multiple scripts..." ?
If you mean scripts in different pages, you can use sessions.
hehehe GESF you seam to be the master at sessions why don’t you make a good tutorial lol would help allot of people.
i think its because there are tons of those on the internet... people are just too lazy to search a little...
But sure, gesf: do it, come on, just do it!

Plus the best tutorial would be about managing database-stored sessions..hehe
I still don't see the use in sessions -.-
I just have a cookie that stores an ID, and gets info from the database with that id and store it into an array...
Epox123... you're a dead man! :)
Hunn.... I'll think about that!

Yes Virtuoso, you may right, but i need to understand Clode's point first.
well..its exactly what clode wanted: sessions are available in multiple scripts without redefining them..that will allow passing variables from script to script..